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February 2, 2016

Motorhome in Portugal: discover the treasures of Braga


It is a city that has a long history, but that does not even live in the shadow of the past. Incidentally, it is to be such a space facing the current times, with so many attractions, that Braga is another excellent reason to rent a motorhome in Portugal. After all, in Braga, we can always find a cross of churches with modern shops and a cross of traditional commerce with bars that stand out for being very cosmopolitan. motorhome in Portugal


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Rent a motorhome in Portugal and meet Braga, a city of history and culture

Baptized by the Romans as «Bracara Augusta», the city of Braga is an important religious center, gathering a lot of churches. You can believe us: just in the historical center alone, there are 25 churches, a proof that Braga hosted the Portuguese episcopate. The Cathedral of Santa Maria de Braga is the major symbol. Built in 1089, it is a mix of architectural styles from Romanesque to Baroque, through the Gothic. Inside, stands a double organ and to hear it play is enough to creep you out.

After renting a motorhome in Portugal, it´s a good idea to try visiting the Theatro Circo de Braga. This space is situated on the main Braga avenue, the Avenida da Liberdade, which marks what was once the medieval city. The Theatro Circo has over 100 years of history, details of which are revealed in the course of guided tours of the inside. In this cultural point, you can attend concerts, plays and movies.


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What are the other attractions that we must know in the city of Braga?

. Roman ruins – there is little to admire of the Bracara Augusta, which has origin from times of Roman presence in the Iberian Peninsula. However, there are two areas which document the importance of Braga at the time: Termas do Alto da Cividade and Fonte do Ídolo.

. Gastronomy – the sweet tooth tourists will not resist the gastronomic treasures of Braga. So that you work up an appetite, get to know that the city”s restaurants which usually serve duck rice Braga style, cooked rice in water in which they cook the duck and take the duck in the oven with chorizo slices and ham strips. For dessert, it is best to opt for an Abade Priscos pudding, scallops, king cake, the fidalguinhos of Braga…mmmmm!

. Bars – the historic center can be populated by churches but there is no shortage of bars, because in this city, the sacred and the profane have always gone hand in hand. A good example is the Convento do Carmo, that, as the name suggests was once house of a religious order. But there is more to discover, such as the Gin Lovers, the Lattino Caffé Caffé, the Air Rooftop Terrace, the Insólito and the Estúdio 22, just to name a few…


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