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February 2, 2016

How to travel by motorhomes, without spending too much


Better than  just renting motorhomes and discovering Portugal with maximum comfort, is to have the opportunity to travel without spending a lot. Simply follow the best advice. For example, it´s advisable to not create debt. Therefore, you should not travel, if it takes you into debt. Best to save and then travel. By the way, always pay before the trip and try to pay as little as possible by credit card. motorhomes ssss


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The choice of travel through motorhomes is already quite economic: discover why

On the other hand, «planning» should be the keyword for your traveling. Therefore, search well enough to know all the routes that lead to the desired destination to choose one path that allows you to save more gasoline, for example.

A guide is always a good counselor. According to the professional traveler Gonçalo Cadilhe, which has toured numerous countries in more than 20 years, these books are especially advisable for tourists who prefer to travel independently and create their own route. Moreover, guides are ideal for indicating the most economical options in each destination. The best options are Lonely Planet and Routard, which help us to create routes and find the places we want to visit.

Obviously, the choice of travel through motorhomes is already quite economic. After all, it saves up on night”s accommodation.


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What is other essential advice for those who want to travel without spending a lot?

. Walk far – when visiting a place, leave the motorhome to rest and try to walk a lot: this way, it saves gasoline and you´ll encounter each location even better. A good way to discover the city is to follow a «walking tour», if the regions make this service available. The guides take tourists to the most interesting places and tell stories that do not appear in travel guides. Generally, there is no obligation to pay, and you are only asked for a small tip at the end.

. Travel in low season – scratch off in your calendar: July, August, Easter and Christmas, the so-called high season. Try to travel only during the rest of the year to get cheaper prices on the cost of meals, amongst other examples.

. Search «freebees» – never forget the documentation that will get you into free museums, including the student cards.

. Save on calls – for example, try to have a Blackberry with unlocked SIM cards of all places that you will travel to for a while. Buy yourself one for 10 euros to 10 euros credit, it is practically free.

. Travel in company – while traveling, try to make friends continuously. First of all, it is enriching and, on the other hand, you can share food costs, for example.


Besides being economical, never cease to be practical. How about always carry pen and paper to go making a sketch pad and explain some stuff with symbols when there is no common language ?


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