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February 2, 2016

Hire a campervan to discover the walls of Óbidos


There is one more good reason to hire a campervan in Portugal: Óbidos. We can point out various attractions happening at this place: from the International Festival of Chocolate to natural landscapes (as the Óbidos Lagoon or the several beaches). However, last May, Óbidos drew attention … for its walls! campervan hire


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Why is Óbidos a unmissable walled village for those who hire a campervan?

According to Architectural Digest, a prestigious American magazine, «some of the world´s most beautiful buildings are hard to find. In the past, city walls helped protect the medieval population from invaders, and now currently hold a valuable collection of treasures and masterpieces of architecture».

When choosing his 11 unmissable walled regions, Alex Schechter included the Óbidos village, accompanied by other spaces, such as Dubrovnik, in Croatia, the Spanish municipality Avila, in Spain, and the citadel «fairy-tale» Carcassone, in France. Specifically about Obidos, besides its walls, Alex emphasizes the «washed houses in the middle of rough cobblestone streets» and even restaurants that serve «traditional octopus salad and ginjinha, which is an amazing Portuguese liqueur».

«The heart of this historic village is its XII century castle, converted into a medieval-inspired boutique hotel in the 1950s. Óbidos is particularly nice in the summer, when the wisteria and the geraniums bloom, which forms the perfect backdrop for the old architecture», added the author.


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What are the other attractive points of Óbidos, besides its walls?


The town of Obidos is a true national tourist attraction, much sought after at the end of the year (which turns into Christmas Village) and during the International Chocolate Festival, which this year received the 13th edition and involves show cooking and performances of music and theater. Each of these reasons has attracted many tourists who take advantage of their stay in Portugal to make hire a campervan and get to know the town of Óbidos.


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