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February 2, 2016

Five reasons to rent a motorhome in Portugal


To the question “why do I want to rent a motorhome in Portugal“, there isn”t just one answer, but five. Well, there may be more than ten, if we think really hard about it, but here are five to make you really love this country.

Five reasons why a motorhome in Portugal is great

  1. Cuisine. Portuguese gastronomy is certainly a reason to travel by motorhome in Portugal. In 2013, the Mediterranean Diet was 
    elected Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, and that means that the food in Portugal is not only delicious, but also judged one of the healthiest in the world, but the thing is, from Minho”s delicious charcuterie to Algarve”s fishery, the Mediterranean diet assumes many forms, and having some freedom to travel is the only way you can really go where your stomach points to.
  2. Microclimate. This doesn”t get mentioned often, but while Portugal is just over 1000Km long, climate and geography varies greatly. Sintra is the city of eternal mist, with the mountain range always covered in fog, and while Algarve has renowned beaches, Alentejo is tremendous for those who enjoy life in the country. Further North, Ericeira is Europe”s only surf reservation, but in the interior, Serra da Estrela is not only one of Europe”s great snow spots in the Winter, but a beautiful place to visit during the Summer when all is green and spring waters flow everywhere. As we go North, naturally it gets colder, and you find the great shale villages which are worth a memorable visit, not to mention Oporto and the Douro river”s margins where Port wine is made. Portugal”s climate is rich and varied, offering you the chance to be at the beach today, and on a mountain range tomorrow, for as long as you can travel at your own pace and will. Probably nowhere else in the world is there such a variety of climates at such a close distance, than those travelling by motorhome in Portugal.
  3. History. Portugal has been a country since 1143 and its borders have been reasonably stable since the 13th century. This generated a country that has preserved much of its history. As you drive your motorhome in Portugal, you will find at a day”s journey, roman, gothic or romantic architecture, plus the exclusively Portuguese Manueline style from the age of the maritime discoveries. Iconic castles like Guimarães, birth of the nation, or world renowned beauties like Palácio da Pena, are only part of the story. Portugal has some of the oldest roman roads and buildings in existence, and it”s not even all man-made: there are plenty of dinosaur tracks in Portugal and in 2013, in Lourinhã, researchers found the oldest dinosaur eggs with embryos in the world.
  4. The landscape. Both in the country and in the cities, Portugal has some of the most breathtaking landscapes of Europe, and that includes Oporto with its close relationship with the river, its houses piled up along the margins of the Douro river, and Lisbon, the city of the seven hills. The legend says a queen ruled here, half woman, half serpent, who fell in love with Odysseus and here he decided to build a city to rule the world, but when he left, the enraged serpent woman chased him to the sea, her tail revolting the ground and creating the seven hills. Truth or not Lisbon has been here since the Phoenicians first came here, and has been the stage the greatest expansion the world has ever seen, beginning in the 15th century. Not only is the city itself a wonderful cityscape, all around there are some of the most wonderful spots to visit. But between Oporto and Lisboa there are certainly plenty of treasures to discover.autocaravana01
  5. Summer activities. If you choose to drive a motorhome in Portugal, you may as well bring your mountain or road bike with you. Portugal”s municipalities have a wealth of tracks for trekkers and bikers to enjoy quality outdoor time. Roads that  take advantage of the points mentioned above, to allow you to pedal through ancient ruins, memorable landscapes, caves, rivers and hallmarks of the Portuguese cuisine. Not to mention the parties and celebrations that go on throughout the country at this time. This means that if you can have a motorhome to travel fast and comfortably through Portugal, there will never be a day when you find yourself lacking something interesting to do.

Finda a motorhome in Portugal now

Yes, there are more reasons than these, but we are sure these five are more than enough to convince you that having a motorhome in Portugal is the best way to fully enjoy what the country has to offer and never find yourself longing for freedom of movement. You won”t have to worry about train or bus schedules, booking a hotel room or having to wait long hours for transportation. As the saying goes, all you”ll need is a motorhome and a star to guide it by. Perhaps not these words exactly, right?

Find a motorhome in Portugal now. There are plenty at your disposal, but early reservations are always better and you can find some pretty sweet deals right now.


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