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September 16, 2015

Algarve with better conditions for campervan for rent

Campervan for rent is a growing sector in the Algarve. The region wants to therefore provide a more enjoyable visit to those traveling south, specially those who use campervan for rent. Several agencies join a protocol that promises to create a new regional strategy for this area of tourism.

Sooner this year, several entities of the Algarve region, including the Commission for Coordination and Regional Development of the Algarve (CCDRA) and the Association of Municipalities and Tourism in the region, signed a protocol to implement a regional strategy for motorcaravanning. In 2014, the region was visited by 29,000 motor homes with 60,000 people. More than double than two years ago. And campervan for rent are here to stay.

Campervan for rent is a market growing in the Algarve and is here to stay

37819daf17 740caeffcf aaa77ad9ea 1a61d87340 075550653b wildsideIn a survey done in 2007, CCDRA found 92 places where the campervan for rent could be parked without any rules, often leaving trash and doing dumps anywhere.

It has become common to see campers parked along the beaches in cliffs, in car parks, in places that are not licensed. With the increase of this type of tourism, several entities of the Algarve considered urgent to define a strategy. What is intended to create the ASA, Service Areas Campers.

Faced with this new reality, the CCDRA launched a challenge to municipalities and private agents to advance to an infrastructure of this kind, since this type of tourism, which is made especially for Nordic retired, has advantages.

There are in the Algarve 12 spaces for campervan, a number to increase

Today there are 12 spaces in the area for campers only, including campervan for rent. But the intention is to increase this number to call to the Algarve a market segment that is growing.

The CCDRA also liked that the project is to widen to the interior. To make most neglected areas more dynamic and because these motorcaravanners like nature tourism, not just sun and beach.

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Com formação em Produção Animal e em Topografia, Márcio Marques procurou sempre que as suas ocupações profissionais estivessem relacionadas com alguns dos seus hobbies e gostos pessoais. Assim, em 2011, aliando o seu desporto de eleição - o surf - ao prazer pelo contato com o mar e a natureza, criou a Wild Side Campers - aluguer de autocaravanas e equipamento recreativo. Esta combinação perfeita vem possibilitar a quem, como ele, ambiciona percorrer o território livremente, unir a viagem à prática de desporto. Em 2013, Márcio Marques, definiu uma nova etapa para a Wild Side Campers e, assim, além do aluguer de viaturas, passou a disponibilizar a transformação de veículos pessoais em autocaravanas. Quando não está em funções, gosta de estar com a família e os amigos, praticar desporto, andar de mota e viajar.


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