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August 26, 2015

Sports equipment market is on the rise globally

Sports equipment is a hot seller

With an increased focus on healthy lifestyles, it”s no wonder that sports equipment markets are on the rise, and expected to surpass the $81 billion mark by 2020, according to a recent report by MRRSE.

Contributing to the popularity of sports equipments is not only the awareness of the general audience about wellness, but also the media coverage of global sports events, which have drawn younger generations to the perspective of sports practice. At the same time, the development of electronic commerce has allowed sports equipments to reach wider audiences and territories, meaning that in some instances it will be possible for producers and retailers to operate on reduced expenditure and higher profit margins.

Ball sports are still dominant, and should remain so for the foreseeable time, holding around a quarter of the global market, growing at a 3.6% rate to hit US$21,778.6 million by 2020. The US and Asia are also the leading regions in sports equipments, with Europe following up in third.

This doesn”t mean other sports are on a downward slope. On the contrary, the great outdoors is getting increasingly popular, with high demand for any sports equipment that allows for the enjoyment of the wilderness or urban parks.

The greatest challenge to sports equipment appears to be the rising presence of duplicate/counterfeit equipments, coupled with the increasing price of branded sports equipment. This means that the evolution of the market is indeed being curtailed by both the counterfeit market, but also the excessive prices in some segments, which prevent higher acquisition rates. The consumer, though, has the option to order gear from online shops at reduced prices or from lesser known brands.

On the other hand, the report expects that innovation and carbon fiber usage will continue to fuel the market until 2020.

Sports equipment trends for this Summer

As a sports equipment rental service operating in Peniche, Portugal, we try to accompany the main trends in sports equipment and this Summer, outdoors is the new in.

With a terrific weather and plenty of wonderful landscapes, Portugal”s latest sport trends point towards more and more outdoors sport practices, fuelled by the authorities own awareness about the importance of healthy lifestyles and investment in improved conditions for the practice of sports. More and more people in Portugal and the country”s main tourist attractions are looking for fitness routines in the open air, instead of walled up in gyms and sports centres.


Running sports, cycling and water sports are probably the most popular variants of open air sports and, obviously all three enclose plenty of variants. Running outdoors, for example, is now often combined with outdoor gyms in parks, trailing and off-road running, not just the old-fashioned track running.

Cycling is also becoming ever popular. Mountain bikes, particularly, are now one of the preferred means of getting to know the surrounding attractions for tourists on vacations. It not only keeps you in shape, but it also allows access to areas otherwise off-limits to motorized or specialized vehicles.

Last but not least, Portugal, with its extensive shoreline, is definitely the number 1 water sports destination in Europe, with surf increasingly popular in the wake of international events being held in the country and the high-profile performance of Portuguese surfers abroad.

Local communities and municipalities are now well aware of fitness and healthy lifestyles as drivers of tourism and the local economies. This means that it”s getting increasingly common for vacation centres to have extensive sports options, both in land and at sea.

Take the area between Peniche and Ericeira, both internationally famous for the surfing conditions they offer, but surf is not the only sport you can practice there and if you”re looking for some physically active vacations, whether it is running, climbing or cycling, there will be plenty of options for you.

With this trend towards sports vacations, sports equipment rental is also on the rise, with the advantage that you can go cycling, hiking, surfing or trailing without the need to carry with you gear for each and every single one of these activities.

If you”re looking for sports equipment rental in Peniche or Ericeira, you won”t be let down. Chances are you will find whatever you need for a nice price, allowing you to have the best vacations of your life.

Com formação em Produção Animal e em Topografia, Márcio Marques procurou sempre que as suas ocupações profissionais estivessem relacionadas com alguns dos seus hobbies e gostos pessoais. Assim, em 2011, aliando o seu desporto de eleição - o surf - ao prazer pelo contato com o mar e a natureza, criou a Wild Side Campers - aluguer de autocaravanas e equipamento recreativo. Esta combinação perfeita vem possibilitar a quem, como ele, ambiciona percorrer o território livremente, unir a viagem à prática de desporto. Em 2013, Márcio Marques, definiu uma nova etapa para a Wild Side Campers e, assim, além do aluguer de viaturas, passou a disponibilizar a transformação de veículos pessoais em autocaravanas. Quando não está em funções, gosta de estar com a família e os amigos, praticar desporto, andar de mota e viajar.


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