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August 26, 2015

Rental campervans in Lisbon can only camp in Monsanto

After thousands of kilometers on rental campervans, drivers visiting the city of Lisbon are surprised with parking tickets or improper camp, and the only place to camp in the capital is Monsanto Camping.

68a22b2487 a3d0597ad1 autocaravana01According to the Council of Lisbon, it is next to the river station of Belém that happen more parking violations and camp by motorcaravanners, where «there is signaling that expressly prohibits the parking of motor homes and rental campervans».

Every day, there are dozens of campers, mostly vehicles with foreign registration plates and rental campervans, parked in Belém. The Municipal Police of Lisbon has been inspected by assigning fines that can «vary between 19.95 and 60 euros» and putting the automatic blocking vehicles.

There is lack of space for rental campervans to park in Lisbon

The local authority has not counted the number of legal proceedings and the amount of fines, but states that are «guaranteed residual values, over the total number of cars and rental campervans raised by road violations of law».

The campers can park «anywhere, except in expressly forbidden places. For camping, the only space that exists is Monsanto Camping», the Council of Lisbon stated.

The president of the Portuguese Federation of Motorcaravanning (FPA), José Pires, said the city of Lisbon needs to have more spaces where motorcaravanners can park and stop usually 48 hours.

According to the administration of Camping Monsanto – Lisbon Camping & Bungalows, the park «is quite extensive, with about 38 hectares, so it is enough to receive all motorcaravanners, rental campervans and campers visiting Lisbon».

There are several violations in what concerns parking

Regarding caravans violations parked or camping unduly, especially next to the Belém river station, administration of Monsanto Camping believes that happens because «probably for economic reasons and also of convenience, with a view to easier access to the places they want to visit».

«The lack of control of the tourists who visit us and permissiveness in unauthorized occupation of space is a concern, turning parking spaces in authentic camps», the administration of Camping Monsanto said.

The Camping Monsanto has «171 wells equipped for motor homes» priced between 24.80 and 34.90 euros, 1,800 free camping places and 70 bungalows, with occupancy capacity of 355 beds.

«The year 2013 was less favorable in recent years, due to economic conditions, not only national but also European, once we receive many French and Spanish customers. 2014 was a little better and this year we have an increase of about 20% over the same period», the administration reported.

The Lisbon Camping & Bungalows welcomes guests all year, however has a «customer increase between April and September».

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Com formação em Produção Animal e em Topografia, Márcio Marques procurou sempre que as suas ocupações profissionais estivessem relacionadas com alguns dos seus hobbies e gostos pessoais. Assim, em 2011, aliando o seu desporto de eleição - o surf - ao prazer pelo contato com o mar e a natureza, criou a Wild Side Campers - aluguer de autocaravanas e equipamento recreativo. Esta combinação perfeita vem possibilitar a quem, como ele, ambiciona percorrer o território livremente, unir a viagem à prática de desporto. Em 2013, Márcio Marques, definiu uma nova etapa para a Wild Side Campers e, assim, além do aluguer de viaturas, passou a disponibilizar a transformação de veículos pessoais em autocaravanas. Quando não está em funções, gosta de estar com a família e os amigos, praticar desporto, andar de mota e viajar.


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